Our Story

In 2009 Dr. Menks decided to open up her own veterinary clinic with a mobile unit – bringing veterinary care to your homes.A year later she went to a veterinary convention in Las Vegas and while exploring the convention hall walked into what we now call our ‘Big Rig’. It was a fully equipped veterinary clinic on wheels with a surgery suite, built in kennels, air conditioning and a refrigerator. It was like a dream come true and a huge upgrade from the previous ‘oldie but goldie’ Volkswagen truck. We managed to make the sale, ditched the return airplane tickets and drove it home. For the next 5 years this was our main clinic. We added a dental machine, stat bloodwork analyzer and eventually upgraded the x-Ray unit amongst other smaller improvements.

dr menks - mobile

Business grew and we hired a second full time veterinarian.

Shortly after that we converted a truck into a heavy duty 4×4 equine response vehicle to help out large patients, when the other truck was in use.

Large Animal Truck - TUFFY

Before we knew it we truly needed another surgery suite due to the increased demand for C-sections and other emergency surgeries. We converted a car hauler into another mobile unit, which some of you have seen parked in different locations.

DMMVC Truck and Mobile Unit

The business continued to grow and in 2015 we opened up our brick and mortar building. We hired more staff and over time two more veterinarians.

This has been an amazingly successful journey but it has also come with a price and a lot of sweat equity. We are now 12 years from where we started and together with Dr. Peterson, who works part time, the business is back in mostly Dr. Menks’ hands. Therefore we are still able to utilize our mobile services but Dr. Menks operates mostly in the clinic, supervising the other team members and being able to provide better medicine with a more advanced technology.


We changed from being unique in regards to being all mobile to being more stationary. Having supported our breeder community and starting rehabilitation services is now making us different from most other clinics. We still provide everything that other clinics have to offer and we are proud of our story.

Tanja gloved for surgery

Dr. Tanja Menks

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine at the University Clinic of Munich in 1996. She has performed a 1 year internship at the University Clinic of Munich working in the Internal Department for Small Animals and Equines, specializing in endoscopy. ​ She received her United States Veterinary License after graduating at Tuskegee University, School of Veterinary Medicine in 2003 and started to work in a Mixed Animal Clinic in Yakima.Tanja Menks DVM moved in 2006 to the Tri-Cities area working as a veterinarian and in April of 2009 started Dr. Menks’ Mobile Vet Care offering her skills and veterinary services door to door.With her ‘everything anywhere and anytime’ attitude she has developed a very successful practice. She says that the things that keep her sane are walking her dogs and riding her horses.


Caring, quality medicine at an affordable price!

Where we still know you and treat your pet like our own.We give you choices and treat you with honesty and integrity.

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