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Besides our own clientele we are seeing referrals from WSU, the Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle and local clinics.

Our rehab evaluation is a very detail oriented examination that involves not only a general exam but also a thorough orthopedic or neurological examination, muscle circumference and goniometric measurements (joint flexion and extension angles).

We can use a Thermal Imaging device to locate areas of pain and inflammation and monitor the progress of our patients.

We demonstrate and teach you how to perform passive range of motion exercises and stretching (no, that is not the same), how to massage and when and where to apply cold and warm compresses.

We exercise your canines in an individually tailored parkour that is adjusted as the patient recovers and changed weekly to keep it fun and challenging. This helps to strengthen core muscles and stimulates the nervous system (especially for our neuro patients).

The underwater treadmill is a wonderful tool to help build up stamina and strength for those who benefit from the buoyancy of the water. This is of great benefit not only for overweight animals but also for those that have back problems or other lameness issues. Dogs that are limping have abnormal gait patterns. Once they are walking in water they often correct the gait by themselves because it is more energy efficient. Sometimes we intervene and help.

Another benefit is the water temperature and pressure - this has a positive effect on the circulation.

Obviously I’m in love with it and I could go on and on…

For our advanced patients we also have a land treadmill! Or for those few that are truly hydrophobic. And it’s extra long for bigger fur babies:)

Often we combine these exercises with a ‘cold laser’ treatment - a class IV laser made by Companion.

As an alternative we can send out electromagnetic field devices called ‘Assisi Loops’. We also carry an equine ‘Bemer blanket’ for our equine patients for full body treatments. All of these modalities are FDA approved and researched.

Our newest ‘toy’ in the toolbox is a shockwave device called a Piezowave. This is an amazing modality to treat some of the tendon and muscle injuries that can be stubborn to get rid of and often turn into a very chronic condition. We also see wonderful results in arthritic patients.

Last but not least we give you some ideas and suggestions on how you can exercise your pet at home. Generally your dog comes to us once or twice a week at first and once we see some improvement and progress we can start to reduce the visits. It’s very helpful if you can facilitate the process by doing home exercises.

For overweight patients we discuss which diets to feed and how much, what types of treats are healthier than others, etc

We love to see you and your pooch get better and enjoy life more again together ????


Laura Hames, LVT

Laura Hames is a native of Richland, Washington and has lived both in Portland, Oregon and the Tri-Cities. Since 2001, Laura has been a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT), obtaining her accreditation at Portland Community College, Rock Creek Campus. She has been involved in many branches of veterinary medicine including, emergency , spay and neuter, eye specialty, feline and canine neonatal care, and shelter work. She has volunteered extensively in the community as a public educational speaker with her reptile rescue and other various exotic species. She is excited to announce that she is pursuing her certification in Canine Rehabilitation along with Dr. Tanja Menks, DVM, to provide relief and improved quality of life for our local, post-surgical orthopedic, neurologic, and lame companions.

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